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Firstfruits, The Harvest of GOD - Volume One by Ray C. Van Tassell Jr.

Firstfruits, The Harvest of GOD - Volume One

by Ray C. Van Tassell Jr.

Pages: 262

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Spirituality

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781612158518

Price : $17.49

In any natural harvest there are three stages: the firstfruits, the main harvest and finally the gleanings. GOD’s natural creation reveals to us truths in the spiritual realms. The spiritual harvest refers to all the people who come to GOD and allow Him to finish His full work of salvation in their spirit, soul and body. However, as in the natural harvest, they don’t all reach this level of maturity at the same time. In these days, GOD is calling forth a firstfruit company of people who will manifest the fruit of the Spirit before the main harvest. They, in turn, will be ministries of the Word to those who will come after; that is, the main harvest and the last gleaners. The full harvest will come forth during the Millennial Reign of Christ. This book and its sequel, volume 2, will help the reader to learn and walk in the principles that will qualify him or her for that firstfruit company. We will address some of the false doctrines that have hindered the traditional church in their spiritual development. The reader is encouraged to search out the scriptures for himself as the Bereans did when they heard Paul’s new revelations to see if they were indeed the true word of GOD. Yeshua will be faithful to quicken His rhema word to the diligent saint who makes that effort with an open mind and a hearing ear. As we all labor to hear His voice and walk in that truth by faith, church divisions will vanish, GOD’s house will be raised up as One Man, and He will descend in glory to inhabit the dwelling made ready for Jesus Christ.

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