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GOD is Building His House by By Ray Van Tassell Jr. As Revealed by the Holy Spirit

GOD is Building His House

by By Ray Van Tassell Jr. As Revealed by the Holy Spirit

Pages: 354

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Theology - General
  • RELIGION - Theology

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781619967298

Price : $20.99

In many of the books I have written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, this is the best as it has been done with greater understanding to date for my level of understanding.  A book is written by the author according to his/her understanding at the time the manuscript is prepared and sent to the printer.  My first book, Means to Christian Maturity, was revised a couple of years after the first printing and it is filled with good spiritual understanding for growing up into His divine nature.  My second and third books have added to the first along with all the others listed in Other Books by This Author section in the rear of this publication.  As the others were being written, the Holy Spirit was giving me understanding according to my hearing ability to hear His voice.  At times, it was very hard to hear His voice and at times I was really seeking Him for answers.  As time moved on, I grew in spiritual understanding and wisdom which only the Holy Spirit can reveal to each of us.  There is nothing more fulfilling in life than to hear His voice as He opens our spiritual ears with rhema understanding to His truths hidden in the Word of GOD.  Each book I have written to date (10) will help the reader grow in knowledge and understanding.  But the Holy Spirit is the only one who can make this rhema knowledge that is, a personal direct word from GOD as no man can hear for you.  As it is said in the Word, “you have no need that any man teach you,” as the true teacher of spiritual truth is the Holy Spirit.  I pray you the reader will seek His face for spiritual truths as we all are in the growing stages of being built into His house for His eternal habitation.  (Romans 8:14-19)

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