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Forgiveness Is Power! by Dr. Roosevelt “Clutch” Northern, Jr., EdD

Forgiveness Is Power!

An American Patriot & US Navy Veteran of Color’s journey from the “Valley” into the S7V7N Seas

by Dr. Roosevelt “Clutch” Northern, Jr., EdD

Pages: 208

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Living - Personal Memoirs

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631290763

Price : $14.99

When life tries to bring you down, it can seem like you are powerless. But what if your greatest power came from the least expected source?
Forgiveness Is Power! is an uplifting look at sharing God’s grace as author Roosevelt Northern reveals to you the divine capability that lies within your decision to forgive others…and even yourself. 
With a commission from the Lord Father God YHVH, in Yeshua HaMashiah, Jesus, Northern has penned this collection of stories, wisdom, and life lessons that shed a powerful light on what Northern has endured through his sixty-three years on earth—events that only he and God have known, until now.
In this entirely true autobiographical work, Northern weaves a thrilling tapestry of life, love, loss, and the limitless power of God’s redemption and restoration. When Northern, an abused, falsely-accused, misused, abandoned, and refused man, forgives a violation, he discovers that only through forgiveness can someone find power over actions committed against them. When all seems lost, forgiveness truly comes in to save the day. 
Even in the face of rejection, accusation, and disappointment, Northern experiences the incredible ability of forgiveness to transform a life that was once filled with bitterness and confusion into a purposeful journey along God’s path to everlasting hope. Through the amazing grace of God, Northern begins to witness the beauty of a life dedicated to following the Lord. 
In this first book of his trilogy, Northern has crafted this inspiring testimony that shows how you can use the transgressions committed against you as ways to learn—and teach others—that forgiveness is power!

Dr. Roosevelt “Clutch” Northern, Jr., EdD; aka “H.A.P.P.O.F.F.” {He (me); Always Personally, Puts Other Folk First) is CEO/founder of his Public Charity in A V.E.T.S.C.A.R.E., Inc. ATO1(AW) Northern is a 40% medically retired (ssb) career Armed Services & US Navy Veteran of the (1976-1996); Vietnam/Storm/Comfort Era! Dr. Northern (EdD) has instructed in all pedagogy & thematically so, across the Florida & National curriculum in most every general subject matter. He’s been an adjunct professor at his alma matter; Valencia Community College VCC), Polytechnic Institute as well as the Florida Technical College (FTC). “Clutch” is also a founding member & past President at his alma mater’s University of Central Florida (UCF) “Sailors/Soldiers To Scholars” (STS) program in Orlando, Florida 32805. A career learner; Dr. Northern is preparing to return for his second (EdD) but in CHRISTian Education at the Andersonville Theological Seminary (ATS)!

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