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"ABBA" FATHER GOD Unto Fathers!" [1 & 2 Timothy 3:16, Proverbs: 23:22, Romans 2:26-29 & 8:15]! by Dr. Roosevelt "Clutch" Northern, Jr., EdD

"ABBA" FATHER GOD Unto Fathers!" [1 & 2 Timothy 3:16, Proverbs: 23:22, Romans 2:26-29 & 8:15]!

A “Believers” half-century Joy of Worship, Loving, Honoring, Praising, Trusting & Obeying; YESHUA HaMASHIAH-JESUS YOur MESSIAH & SAVIOR LORD GOD! AMEN!

by Dr. Roosevelt "Clutch" Northern, Jr., EdD

Pages: 248

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • EDUCATION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631297786

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Even from the beginning (Genesis) of documented times; when “ABBA” FATHER GOD first gave HIS 613+Commandments; HIS Spiritual Word & Instructions unto HIS Sons for Us to share HIS WILL unto the Woman & their family! Fathers are to be the “Spiritual” Leaders of their family unit! To obey GOD’s Ways are in HIS WORDS to discern!
The understanding that as FATHER GOD did Command and instruct several eras or Covenants to be adhered to; did not abolish a previous agreement with man! Meaning that from the Endemic Covenant, the Mosaic & Abrahamic Covenants are still very much relevant today! This is very important to follow & obey FATHER GOD’s Instructions because, even today; “ABBA” FATHER seeks to be the very same “FATHER GOD YHVH” as HE was unto Adam and Eve, Abraham, Noah and all of HIS Other Created!
In the Gospels, and in particular Matthew; we can see where FATHER GOD demands that HIS Creation loves & only HIM; and unto no other gods; as well as this love unto all of Our Brethren alike!
I say this to say that; in [Matthew 22:37-40] are all TEN of the Commandments of The Mosaic Covenant & Laws, that were first instituted by FATHER GOD unto the Children of Israel; on the Mount!
These Two Commandments encapsulates the TEN; thus “ABBA” FATHER GOD’s Old & New Covenants, with man; even today!
“ABBA” FATHER GOD has always commanded that we are to love HIM and no other gods! Also, we are to continue to love and care for one another; even as we do unto ourselves! This continuance of “Family” of the KINGDOM of Almighty GOD has never been left out of “ABBA” FATHER GOD’s Love for Man; as well as Man’s love for HIM and one another! AMEN! 

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Dr. Northern is a Vietnam/Storm/Comfort Veteran of the US Navy (1976-’96). He’s educated; with four college degrees in Education, Education Administration & Supervision (K-12) and a plethora of Life’s experiences! He’s a Father of four & a commUNITY Dad to many! 
“Clutch” gave His Spiritual-life unto the LORD and became Saved on 31Mar1971; in Fort Valley, Georgia 31030. His twenty years in the United States Navy is his greatest career accomplishment; after leaving Fort Valley, Georgia as a junior at The Peach County Comprehensive High (PCCHS); located in Fort Valley, Georgia 31030. 
Service’ is Dr. Northern’s task in life!

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