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Jesus: Artisan of Beautiful Possibilities by D. Michael O'Sullivan

Jesus: Artisan of Beautiful Possibilities

Deity of Design - Architect of Destinies - Garden God of Eden - Star of a Spiritual Superculture

by D. Michael O'Sullivan

Pages: 126

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Biblical Biography - New Testament
  • PHILOSOPHY - Aesthetics
  • EDUCATION - Arts in Education

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781632216786

Price : $14.49

Jesus: Artisan of Beautiful Possibilities showcases the very newest insights in Biblical and language scholarship that illuminate the vocation, missing years and unacknowledged professional artistry of Jesus. The book builds on multiple citations from recent research to update the true vocation of Jesus as a “tekton” – the Greek word at long last correctly translated “Artisan” – a supernatural architect, artist, and designer as well as a healer and Savior. Using sources in Bible scholarship, psychology and quantum physics, we now see Jesus in a glorious new light – The Wonderful Artisan of Life – the spiritual Michelangelo of Beautiful Possibilities.

Author Photo

D. Michael O’Sullivan is an award-winning scriptwriter, columnist, author, newspaper editor and college educator with a 25-year career in Public Relations and Media Relations for Fortune 500 companies. His books include You Are a Godsend (2018) and The Judeo-Christian Experience in American Literary History (2019).
He was also a contributing editor for Seize Tomorrow, Start Today  (2000) and Leadership Unbound (2004). He can be reached at

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