Author Press Releases

May 2015 Author Press Releases

May 17 Xulon Title Advises Christians to Be Obedient to God
May 17 Xulon Novel Reminds Women They Are Worthy of Christ's Love
May 16 Xulon Book Encourages Children to Love and Care for Others
May 16 Xulon Title Uses Play on Words to Defend Children's Curiosity
May 16 Xulon Guide Improves Lives by Applying Biblical Principles
May 16 Xulon Title Urges Readers to Apply God's Wisdom Daily
May 15 Xulon Book Pens Factual Encounters Supporting God's Reality
May 14 Xulon Title Empowers Readers to Grow Their Faith
May 14 Xulon Book Urges Readers to Realize Christ Is Speaking
May 13 Xulon Book Aspires to Turn Bride of Christ into Personal Reality
May 10 Xulon Children's Mystery Tells Unique, Wholesome Story
May 10 Xulon Title Strengthens Faith while Weakening Fear of Unknown
May 06 Xulon Mystery Stresses Magnitude of Creating Relationships
May 06 Xulon Book Reveals Biblical Messages in Christian Song Lyrics
May 06 Xulon Title Proves Ten Commandments Relevant to Society
May 05 Xulon Guide Helps Pentecostal Leaders to Improve Ministry
May 04 Xulon Book Awakens Readers to the Depths of God's Love
May 04 Xulon Title Provides Detailed Overview of the Healing Process
May 04 Xulon Title Offers Biblical Wisdom to Improve Relationships
May 04 Xulon Anthology Provides Evidence of Christ's Miraculous Ways
May 01 Xulon Novel Addresses Life After Death and Unseen Spiritual War
May 01 Xulon Graphic Novel Depicts the Dangers of Idolatry
May 01 Xulon Color Book Conveys a Message of Faith to Young Readers