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Author Press Releases

October 2017 Author Press Releases

Oct 17 Xulon Releases Study of the King James Bible Based on Original Manuscripts
Oct 17 Xulon Press Release Seeks to Reconcile Science and Creationism Through Ancient Genealogy
Oct 17 Xulon Releases Guide to Transform Local Churches
Oct 17 Xulon Release Inspires Through God's Presence
Oct 17 Xulon Author Analyzes the Threat of Diluted Christianity
Oct 16 Xulon Release Inspires Women to Build Success Around Their Unique Strengths
Oct 16 Xulon Press Releases Two-Volume Collection of Prayers for Modern Life
Oct 16 Xulon Author Writes Christmas Devotional to Renew the Focus of Advent Season
Oct 16 Xulon Author Recounts Experience as Modern-Day Prodigal Son
Oct 12 Xulon Releases Call for Christians to Transform the Church for Modern Society
Oct 12 Everyday People Overcome Incredible Circumstances in New Xulon Press Release
Oct 12 Xulon Press Releases Account of Wrongful Incarceration and Faith
Oct 02 Learn to Walk Daily with God in New Book from Xulon Press
Oct 02 New Book Shares the Message of Trusting God
Oct 02 New Book Shares Historical Stories from the Mission Field
Oct 02 A Grandparent's Love Proves to be Unconditional in New Book