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Author Press Releases

May 2008 Author Press Releases

May 22 Jesus' Adolescence Portrayed in New Work of Historical Fiction
May 22 In New Xulon Title, Author Wants to Show Readers What Love Is
May 22 Memoir Lovingly Recalls Martyr of an American Missionary
May 22 New Book Places Chaotic World Events Under the Microscope
May 09 New Book Helps Readers Navigate Each God-Ordained Season
May 09 Book on Demonic Battles Arms Readers with More than Crucifix
May 09 New Book Unmasks Tricks of the Devil to Seduce Christians
May 07 Take a Candid Glimpse into the Military Chaplaincy in New Book
May 06 New Xulon Release Is "Not Just Another Bible Study"
May 06 Xulon Title Urges Christians to Take Inventory of Their Views
May 06 New Title Hopes to Be Uncle Tom's Cabin of the Abortion Issue