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How to Live a Life of Unimaginable Greatness

Why settle for status quo when God created you to be a 'diamond'?


LONGWOOD, FLâ€" It is wrong for anyone to be â€?"in Christ” and still be unaccomplished and unfulfilled, says Charles Kofi Fekpe, author of Diamonds in Eden ($14.99, paperback, 978-1-61215-512-8). When you locate the hidden diamond in you, it will bring you all things needed for your accomplishment and fulfillment on earthâ€"the abundant life Jesus talked about. You can now choose between fullness and emptiness; obscurity and greatness.

This profound book contains revelations that will help readers identify God’s hidden glory in them and become His â€?"diamonds” on earth, the friend of kings and walking in unimaginable greatness, wealth, and power. Believers were intended to fulfill their destiny completely and manifest the glory of God on earth.

â€?"I have seen many Christians do everything from read their Bibles, pray, receive prophecies, undergo deliverances, and still remain unfulfilled in their lives,” says Fekpe, a minister at Restoration Chapel International who is a sought-after speaker, life coach, social entrepreneur, and business adviser in the United Kingdom. â€?"Why? This revolutionary book will show Christians how to correct the grave error of being followers of Christ with promise and yet not having fulfilling and destiny-accomplishing lives. My life is a testament to using these revelations to rise from obscurity to greatness and still live in Christ.” Fekpe admits he once lived life â€?"heading in the wrong direction,” unfulfilled and unaccomplished in his Christian walk and destiny purpose until God used his life to prove the revelations contained in this life-changing book. 

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