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Inspiring New Novel Depicts Tale of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic

Authors predict that the book will appeal to a large audience


LONGWOOD, FLâ€"In one earth-shattering moment, Sheldon Henry Stottz’s perfect life was changed forever. Lynette Chambers and Janice Lee’s brand new Xulon Press title, Chasing Rainbows ($20.99, paperback, 978-1-61379-170-7), depicts the story of the devastating Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918 that claimed the lives of Stottz’s wife, Lila, and their newborn, Rose. Stottz is tested to the limits of his personal and spiritual endurance before he suddenly realizes God has spared him for a purposeâ€"a purpose he will soon understand. Within the pages of this exciting and inspiring new novel, the co-authors capture the essence of trials faced and hardships overcome in their account of one young man who desperately clings to his trust in God in the midst of unbearable circumstances.


â€?"With war rampant today, and new fears of a worldwide pandemic occurring, this book is sure to capture a large audience,” the co-authors say. â€?"Chasing Rainbows depicts the life of an ethnic family at the end of WWI who are coping with the devastation of the Spanish Influenza. We hope individuals will experience an intense connection with the characters; lives will be changed, hearts drawn to God, and burdens lifted as readers enjoy Chasing Rainbows.”


Sisters Lynette Chambers and Janice Leeâ€"who are ten years apart in ageâ€"have uniquely developed writing styles which complement each other. Their exhaustive research into the book’s era has resulted in an exceptional read. They share a personal fervor for the subject matter and a heartfelt passion for the storyline. As women of deep faith, both desire to use their gifts to encourage others in their walk with God.

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian publisher, with more than 8,000 titles published to date. Chasing Rainbows is available online through,, and