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New Book Shares That Life Experiences Are Our Greatest Teachers

Lessons learned from forgotten sufferings and turned into positive directives offer new adventure and success in life


MAITLAND, FL—In Dr. Melvin Bullock’s new book, The Journeyman’s Journey ($25.99, hardcover, 9781498482080; $15.99, paperback, 9781498482073; $7.99, eBook, 9781498482097) he shares some of the lessons taught to him by his many experiences while growing up in an isolated community and township near the John Kerr Lake. The mission of this book is to share the value of experiences, which never cease to be only experienced, but extend beyond him or herself, and become valuable life lessons.


Bullock says, “It tell the story of a little boy who has been called to recall events from ages 3 year-old; such events have led him from poverty and shame, and the gates open to failure. These recalls have wrought within him the scene of awareness and contiguous prompts at ever seemingly adverse junctions of life, inspiring him that God has chosen him from birth and hid moments that would have destroyed. God has chosen such lessons to teach him that he might teach others that life experiences, whether they be positive or negative, are teaching moments. It is true that experiences are our teachers.”


Dr. William Melvin Bullock, Sr. believes he possesses an inward spirit suitable to express circumstances of reflections of the dark era of African American life style in the United State of America. Yes, hard time are hard time, and in some circumstance they continue to be difficult times. However, Bullock believes he possess the inward compact, given by God, proven by his experiences in the Journeyman's Journey. He declares that those dark days have taught him lessons that the twenty-first century, regardless of race, never could have.


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