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Xulon Press Author Testimonials

More Than 10,000 Christian authors chose Xulon Press. Read some of the testimonials from our authors who have self-published their Christian books.


Paul Schlieker

Author of What’s Missing Inside You?

The customer service atmosphere today is invariably populated with those who are either competent and unpleasant or pleasant but incompetent. At Xulon Press, I found professionals who were both competent and pleasant. A rare combination! If you want a publisher that is professional and affordable, look no further.



Louise A. Battle

Author of The Fight Is On!

Once again, I have fallen in love with the excellent and competent staff at Xulon Press! They are assisting me greatly in publishing my second book with them, The Fight Is On! Jesus and Xulon Press rock! I thank God you all reported to work! Thank you so much!/p>



Debbie Turner

Author of Whispered Thunder

As a result of my decision to self-publish with Xulon, God is rapidly opening the door to many exciting possibilities: book sales are going very well, my calendar is filling up with speaking opportunities, and I have already received some interest from a couple of nationally-recognized ministry leaders!



Ubi Miranda

Author of The Chronicles of the Watcher

Thank you and your team at Xulon for such a wonderful service. I am very impressed by the heart and professionalism behind your operation. Jesus really shines through you folks. I know where to send my buddies who desire to publish their works and where I will publish future works.



L. David Harris

Author of Alive at 5

My experience with Xulon Press has been nothing short of marvelous. When I initially did research to find a publisher for my books, I needed to find one that was Christian, allowed me to preserve my writing identity, produced a quality product, and had a simple enough process that I could concentrate on the message. Xulon delivered!



Thor Holubowich

Author of Make God Your Senior Partner

As soon as I said, ‘Okay go ahead with my manuscript,’ it seemed that it was only two weeks before I had my free author copies in my hands. Wow! I am very impressed with Xulon Press. I believe Xulon Press is God’s Plan for man in today’s high-speed lifestyle.



Dr. Barbara A. Reynolds

Author of Out Of Hell & Living Well

If you really want your book done professionally and quickly, I highly recommend Xulon Press. I always had a feeling that I was working with people who understood grace under pressure. Please inform everyone how pleased I am concerning the professionalism and the speed at which the book was produced.



Rev. Bill Campbell

Author of The Amazing Faith That Works

I was so pleased with the staff at Xulon Press. They certainly operated under Christ-like standards. They did everything they said they would do! Very few publishing companies operate with these morals. The staff at Xulon Press has won my confidence as a courteous, prompt, and caring company who will publish my future books.


We serve Him by serving you!
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