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Author Press Releases

March 2008 Author Press Releases

Mar 31 Author's Xulon Title Bestows Manifold Blessing on Believers
Mar 25 Book Filled With Divine Impressions Makes Its Debut
Mar 25 Pastor Makes His Debut with Book on Growing God's Church
Mar 25 Author's Debut Showcases Indisputable Proof Earth Is Young
Mar 25 Pharmacist Releases Book That Brings Spiritual Truth to Reality
Mar 25 Author Releases Book to Mentor Parents of Rebellious Teens
Mar 25 Internationally Known Author Releases Inspirational Poems
Mar 25 Issues of Nation's Moral Decline Addressed in Author's Debut
Mar 25 Author's Debut Teaches Readers How to Overcome Sin
Mar 25 New Book Urges Readers to Reclaim Rightful Dominion Power
Mar 25 Author's Debut Unveils Startling Revelations About Terrorism
Mar 25 Using Everyday Conversation as Ministry
Mar 17 Re-examining Past Choices to Determine Our Future Purpose
Mar 17 Work Explores Ancient Tradition That Understands God as Love
Mar 17 Poetry Compilation Focuses on the Birth of Jesus
Mar 14 Author's Literary Debut Illustrates the Forgiveness of God
Mar 05 Author Launches Debut Book Featuring Paraphrase of Acts