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Author Press Releases

December 2010 Author Press Releases

Dec 22 New Book Spotlights the Presence of God in the Lives of His Children
Dec 22 New Book Offers a Way for the Church to Regain Its Effectiveness
Dec 22 New Xulon Title Shows How the Gospel of Jesus Can Benefit People
Dec 08 New Title Relates One Woman's Compelling Riverboat Stories
Dec 08 Coal Mining Era-Set Book Focuses on Family, Friends, and Love
Dec 08 Author Pens Stories That Reveal the Power of God in Everyday Life
Dec 08 Learn How to Build a Relationship with God in New Xulon Title
Dec 08 New Book Documents Explosion That Changed Author's Life Forever
Dec 08 Author Pens Touching Compilation of Writings to Uplift Readers
Dec 03 Informative New Manual Helps Couples on Their Journey of Marriage
Dec 01 New Title Provides Readers with a Foundation for Eternal Life