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Author Press Releases

December 2013 Author Press Releases

Dec 31 New Xulon Title: Vital Tool for Individual and Group Bible Study
Dec 30 New Xulon Title: Brilliant Take on Improving Business Practices
Dec 29 New Xulon Title Decodes the Word of God, Addresses Hot Topics
Dec 16 New Xulon Book Shares True, Astonishing Stories that Point to God
Dec 11 New Xulon Book Exposes a Prevalent and Heart-wrenching Evil
Dec 09 New Xulon Book: Christian Devotional Designed with Kids in Mind
Dec 09 New Xulon Title Declares the Urgency to Prepare for Judgment Day
Dec 06 New Xulon Book Exposes the Void that Exists in Every Person
Dec 05 New Xulon Title Saves Live--Boldly Speaks Up About Abuse
Dec 04 New Xulon Book: Fantasy Adventure Complete with Creatures of Lore
Dec 03 New Xulon Title Examines Aspects of Life Beyond Natural Scope
Dec 02 New Xulon Title States, 'God is Love,' What that Means to Readers