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Author Press Releases

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July 2017 Author Press Releases

Jul 31 New Book Shares that we are All Guided by our Inner Being
Jul 31 New Book Show Christians How God Provides in Every Part of Life
Jul 31 New Book Awakens the Successor that God has Created You to Be
Jul 31 New Book Helps Christians Mesh Career and Faith
Jul 31 New Book Sheds Light on Problem Topics Destroying our Service Personnel at an Alarming Rate
Jul 31 New Book Offers a Blueprint to Handle the Issues of Every Day Decisions
Jul 31 New Book Sets Forth the Real Life Drams in Medical Ministries in Developing Countries
Jul 31 New Book is a Heartfelt Story about Self-Perception
Jul 31 New Book Offers Hope in a Relevant Way
Jul 31 New Book Shares the Riches of Christ with the Hungry Heart
Jul 31 New Book is Revolutionary and Mind Opening
Jul 31 New Book Celebrates the Truth that God Walks With Us in the Midst of the Fire
Jul 30 New Book Shares that Dreams are a Significant Communication Tool for the Church Today
Jul 30 New Book Shares the Stories of Lives Changed by Obedience
Jul 30 New Book Trains and Equips Men to Become Leaders in their Families, Churches, and Communities
Jul 30 New Book Helps Readers Find Their Identity as Prayer Warriors
Jul 30 New Book Shares that Forgiveness Leads to Restoration and Healing
Jul 30 New Books Shares Author's Fascinating Story
Jul 30 New Book Encourages Readers to Turn to Psalms Not Only During Crisis but on a Regular Basis
Jul 30 New Book Takes Readers through the Book of James
Jul 30 New Book Encourages Readers during the Good and Bad Times in Life
Jul 30 New Children's Book is A Great Example of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness in Relationships
Jul 30 New Book Offers Spiritual Revelations that will transform the Lives of Readers
Jul 30 New Book Gives Voice to Christians and Insight into Christianity
Jul 30 New Book Questions Why Readers are becoming detached from Humanity
Jul 30 New Book Deals with Issues that Could Impact America in the Future
Jul 30 New Book Presents Inspiration, Illustrating the Importance of Story
Jul 30 New Book Shares that You Can't Pass Judgement on People or Situations
Jul 30 New Book Explores the Darkness of Pornography
Jul 30 New Book Brings to Light an Important Topic in the African-American Church
Jul 30 New Book will Encourage Readers and Lift Their Spirits
Jul 30 New Book Shares How Grace Alters and Redefines Lives
Jul 30 New Book Compels Readers towards Their Own Destiny
Jul 30 New Book Gives Hope to Readers
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