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August 2022 Author Press Releases

Aug 29 Author Shares Her Powerful Journey Of Grief to Help Others See That God Will Render His Grace and Healing
Aug 29 Uniquely Refreshing 31-Day Devotional Written Especially For Caregivers
Aug 29 The Founder of IMAGERY International Movement Pens Book Empowering Women of All Ages
Aug 25 If You Are Having Trouble Following God's Laws, You Have Probably Never Understood Their Purpose
Aug 25 God Does Not Condemn Your Fatigue – He Offers Solace in the Midst of It
Aug 25 The Valley of Sorrow Has Its Own Lessons to Teach Weary Travelers
Aug 25 Even Though Reading the Bible Can Be Hard, Understanding Its Message Doesn't Have to Be
Aug 18 Premier Book in Multi-Book Fictional Series Combines Suspense and History with a Refreshing Christian Twist
Aug 18 Exciting Third Book in Fictional Series is a Must-Have For Readers who Appreciate Suspense and History Mixed With Hope and Inspiration
Aug 18 Introducing the Much Anticipated Book 5 in The Whitney Chronicles Suspense Series
Aug 15 Experience the Freedom from the Psychological Slavery of your Drinking Habit by understanding The Plans God Has For You
Aug 15 Veterans Embody Unique Assets in the Ministry and Should Be Trained Accordingly
Aug 15 Introducing a Refreshing Book of Prayers: A Delightful Way to Begin a Daily Prayer Journey
Aug 15 If You Ever Thought The Adventure Left Your Life After Retirement, Think Again!
Aug 15 Forget the Politics – Human Beings Are In Need and In Danger
Aug 15 Demonstrating Christian Character Starts With Nine Qualities
Aug 15 Author Shares an Enlightening View About Racial Unity and Reconciliation As Noted in Scripture and Historical Facts
Aug 15 Inspirational Devotional For Christian Women Needing Peace From Stress and the Disappointments in Life
Aug 08 A Unique 12-Week Bible Study With a Format That All Christians Will Appreciate
Aug 08 Refreshing Self-Help Book Teaches You The Critical Importance of Pushing The Next Generation Forward
Aug 08 Baseball Coach, Author and Cancer Survivor Reminds Readers That The Difference Between Success and Failure in “Any Game” is Belief
Aug 01 Turn to the One Who Can Repair All Flaws and Heal All Wounds
Aug 01 Now That You Know About God, Take the Time to Get to Know Him
Aug 01 God Allows People on Earth to Mirror His Love for His Children
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