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August 2023 Author Press Releases

Aug 31 Words That Inspire Readers To Appreciate The Artistry That Surrounds Them
Aug 31 Grand Prize Winner Named in The Christian Author Awards
Aug 31 A Young Woman Stands Her Ground Against Those Who Would Take Her Land
Aug 30 Xulon Press presents instruction for personal Bible study.
Aug 30 Jesus Can Work A Miracle In Your Storm, And He Can Work A Miracle In You Through Your Storm
Aug 30 Author Encourages Readers To Put Jesus Back At The Center Of Christmas
Aug 30 Jesus' Death Was Significant, But Also The Manner In Which He Died
Aug 24 Former MLB Player Authors Book Combining the Joys of Baseball with the Rewards of Spiritual Growth
Aug 24 Juvenile Fiction Teaches Young Readers the Virtue of Kindness and Forgiveness Through the Eyes of an Angelfish
Aug 22 Unique 100-Day Devotional Provides Guidance and the Tools to Know God's Voice and Grow in the Power of His Glory
Aug 22 Author Pens First Exciting Book in His Bibliographical Trilogy
Aug 22 Intense Exploration to Discover the Truth About The Archko Volume
Aug 22 New Christmas Story Illustrates That God Understands The True Value Of Each Of His Children
Aug 17 Don't Forget: There Were Teenagers In Jesus' Time, Too
Aug 17 As Terminal Illness Takes Its Toll, Children May Need Help Adjusting To Its Effects On The Adults They Love
Aug 17 God's Hand Is Present In Every Stage Of His Children's Lives
Aug 17 A Much-Needed Perspective in Today's World; Forgiveness is the Key to a Victorious Christian Life
Aug 15 Author Pens Book One in Exciting New Book Series: Birth Date Bible Verses
Aug 15 Discover How Through His Spiritual Strength, Daniel Overcame Imprisonment and Was Triumphant
Aug 15 God Works Constantly Through His People To Reach the Lost and Hurting
Aug 10 When Those Within The Church Hurt Us Deeply, It's Easy To Blame God
Aug 10 Author Offers A Little-Known Name For God Not Influenced By The Hebrew Language
Aug 08 Imagine How Our World Would Be Transformed If Christians Truly Allowed Jesus To Be Lord of Every Moment
Aug 08 When You Feel Deceived By Politicians, The Media Or Other Sources, There Is A Source Of Truth On Whom You Can Depend
Aug 03 A Young Woman Fights Through Trials In Her Quest For Love
Aug 03 There Is Truly No Match For The Beauty Of God's Creation
Aug 03 The Tougher Times Get, The Stronger Our Faith Should Be
Aug 03 Every Generation Has Something To Teach The Next One; Usually Multiple Things
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