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How to Defeat Your Goliath with Prayers, Not Stones

A united Christian front will promote global healing


LONGWOOD, FL-Armed with only a slingshot and a few stones, David defeated Goliath, a giant of a man. Today we have our own Goliaths to fight a problem that seems so big nothing we do can resolve it. In Dennis Hayes's David & Goliath / Realities of Life Today and the Christian Response (paperback, 978-1-60034-844-0), characters Bill and Linda are forced to call on the name of God for help when a series of events causes their lives to fall apart and puts their faith to the test. Seeking help from their local vicar, the couple soon learns the value of prayerful support of other Christians, no matter what denomination they are. By working together to unite all Christian denominations, Bill and Linda break down barriers and promote healing between divided sects.

The book, though mostly fiction, is also an amalgam culled from a variety of different archetypes that most Christians will recognize. Says Hayes, a disabled ordained minister, "We are living in a hurting world, and many people feel as though they have been forgotten. We need to alter that and work together in helping every man, woman, or child who may need our help."

Hayes, who cites his only aim in life as serving God, has started a non-profit organization called Children of the World for Christ Ministries. The organization encourages denominations to work together to help those in need?'which is also the purpose behind David & Goliath. During his work as a childrens evangelist Hayes wrote stories to tell children about the love and sacrifice of Jesus, and in so doing he was inspired to direct his creative juices toward a more substantial project a novel.

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