No Small Thing

When faced with a deadly infection, she turned to God for healing

Book Recounts How Author Persevered Through Times of Trial

When faced with a deadly infection, she turned to God for healing


LONGWOOD, FL-If you are looking to find more purpose and peace in your life, Xulon Press author Nancy Lum's No Small Thing: With God There Is No Such Thing as a Small Thing ($14.99, paperback, 978-1-60266-492-0) is the book for you. Filled with enriching personal stories that will inspire and energize you to have a renewed gratitude for the ordinary and everyday things of life, this book documents the battle the author had to fight when, after 15 years of battling Crohn's disease, her colon perforated. When the infection burst a hole through her intestines, the author turned to God to help heal her--and heal her He did, through the seemingly small and ordinary things, such as a walk, a tree, a duck, a picture, a breath, and a pond. When you read of the author's remarkable recovery from this deadly infection, you will begin to see God in the seemingly insignificant areas of your life.

Says Lum, a registered nurse, "This book is a spiritual guide to help you find purpose and peace in your life. Too often we lose our focus in the day-to-day things and forget about the small things that really matter. This book will open your eyes to all that you can see, open your ears to all that you can hear, and open your mind to all that God has in store for you!"

Lum's newfound gratitude for life helped her overcome the obstacles and challenges she faced. In 2001, the author was even recognized by her fellow church members as one who persevered the most during difficult times. The miraculous faith and courage she showed throughout these times of trial have inspired people everywhere to seek a deeper relationship with God-and they will inspire you, too!


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