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Christians, stand strong and take back America!

Embrace the patriotic spirit to make a difference in our country


LONGWOOD, FL -- America - Yes We Are A Christian Nation ($15.99, paperback, 9781612159225) was written to inspire Americans to rise to the occasion to help make the country great again. Author Maryann Brickett urges readers to get involved using their founding fathers' and their own faith and patriotic spirit. She hopes America - Yes We Are A Christian Nation will motivate readers to dig deep into their bibles, go to church and find their way to God, find their way back to God or embark on a deeper walk with God. Brickett encourages readers to run for public office or begin a new neighborhood charity organization to help those in need.


Brickett wants Christians in America to stand strong against the onslaught of negative publicity, opposition and politically correct rhetoric that goes on in our country today. According to America - Yes We Are A Christian Nation, we are king's kids, ambassadors for Christ, a chosen people so Christians should show the world we can make a great difference in our country. She believes that after people have read America - Yes We Are A Christian Nation, they will see how the hand of God has been woven throughout the fabric of all aspects of our society, history and culture.


Maryann Brickett is from New England, has traveled the world and now lives in beautiful southwest Florida. Brickett has studied the bible for over 30 years and has volunteered for over 20 years at Operation Blessing and other Christian organizations. She fully believes what Proverbs 22:29 says: "Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men." Although this is her first book, she hopes it will not be her last.

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world's largest Christian publisher, with more than 8,000 titles published to date. America - Yes We Are A Christian Nation is available online through,, and

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