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Using encouragement to find purpose

Coach turned Pastor describes tactic to enhance lives


LONGWOOD, FL -- Did you know that each person possess the power to change another person's life? Reid Lamport's Unleashing the Power of Encouragement ($15.99, paperback, 9781613791943) presents the message that by simply allowing our encouraging words to go forth, people have the potential to help heal other people's emotional wounds, boost other's self-esteem and help them realize a purpose for their lives. During his time as a Hall-of-Fame Coach and a Pastor, Lamport observed that there are far more people living their lives in discouragement, depression and fear than most people recognize. By becoming intentional encouragers, readers will begin to see a renewed purpose for their own lives; that purpose is to enhance the lives of everyone they know.


Unleashing the Power of Encouragement provides great insight as to why encouragement is so vital. Lamport's advice is to change the emotional climate of where people work and live simply by making the effort to encourage others. This will enhance the lives of those giving encouragement, as well as those being encouraged. Readers will also have an understanding as to why God has called for each of us to be encouragers.


For nearly forty years, Reid Lamport has spent his entire professional life creating leaders in the classroom, on the field and in the church. He has enthusiastically motivated thousands of students and athletes to rise above their circumstances and become the best they can be. Lamport explains that when he is encouraging others, he is continually amazed by what a few well-spoken words of affirmation and inspiration can do. He is currently senior pastor for The Church of the Rock in Poland, Ohio.


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