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With strong faith comes successful prayer

Gaining knowledge through an easy self-study Bible reading course


LONGWOOD, FL " The Bible is an awesome book but, according to author Newton Walkin, many people are intimidated by its size and contents. His book, PRAYING FOR MIRACLES ($26.99, paperback, 9781609570408; $38.99, hardcover, 9781609570415), encourages all Christians to take up Bible self-study and intercessory prayer so that they may grow in faith and love so that they may be useful disciples in the Lord’s work. Walkin explains that reading the Bible from cover to cover should be attempted as a serious project requiring focus and discipline of the mind. PRAYING FOR MIRACLES includes practical examples of how easy it is to study the Bible in three months. As a result, readers will become less fearful in attempting to read the Bible. 

PRAYING FOR MIRACLES is a nonfiction book about Bible study, faith, prayer and miracles. In it, Walkin, surveys the miracles of the Bible and shows how relevant these are in assisting Christians today when praying for miracles. After reading PRAYING FOR MIRACLES, the reader’s knowledge of the Bible will increase. Walkin believes that they will experience a fresh zeal for self-study of the Bible resulting in greater faith and the urge to pray for others in these troubled end times. PRAYING FOR MIRACLES explores major issues such as global calamities and the pain and sorrow these leave behind. It examines current events and people of our time from a Biblical perspective as well as prompts us to intercede in prayer for others less blessed than ourselves.  

Newton Walkin is a member of West Croydon Baptist Church (WCBC), Croydon, England and also regularly attends Trinity Baptist Church, Croydon, England. He achieved his vision to read the Bible from cover to cover 21 times. Walkin is a retired Executive Officer of the British Civil Service and a qualified college lecturer. Now an evangelist Christian writer, Walkin and his wife Eileen were baptized in March 2001 at WCBC. 

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian publisher, with more than 8,000 titles published to date. PRAYING FOR MIRACLES is available online through, and

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