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Fighting the cycle of abuse with God’s help and healing

A biblical approach to resolving sexual deviance


LONGWOOD, FL " Today’s society is terrified by what appears to be an out-of-control epidemic of child molestation with little or no resolution in sight. The Perverse Plague - Confronting Society’s Epidemic of Child Molestation ($24.99, paperback, 9781613790137) invites readers to delve beyond the overly simplistic, politically correct dialogue of our day pertaining to the sexual offender and discover the whole truth behind child molestation through the framework of a Christian worldview and well-documented psychological truths. Authors Robert and Angela Banner thoroughly explain why authentic Christian people, who are accustomed to making responsible moral decisions, can radically shift into embracing deviant sexual behaviors and what can be done to restore them to sustained sexual sobriety. The Perverse Plague offers a lasting solution toward curbing our societal plague of child sexual offending.  

The Perverse Plague will provide the reader with a fresh insight into the scope of child molesters’ underlying conflicts, the source of compelling deviant impulses and behaviors and how they can be effectively addressed. From this, the authors will restore hope and assurance that there is indeed a way of escape from even this most deplorable of human evils. A former sexual offender, Robert Banner communicates that God, knowing precisely how to abundantly fulfill His own purposes through those of His children who fail terribly in His initial calling for them and knowing how to integrate the painful lessons learned through the process of their brokenness and healing, supplies a keen sense of motivation on the journey to recovery. 

According to the Banners, any dramatic contradiction to a Christian’s customary character can be a powerful motivator causing them to seek a reason behind those episodes of severe moral failure. The husband and wife team, a Masters degreed Clinical Christian Therapist and a Masters degreed (M. Div) Christian post-offender, shares histories of their own sexual victimization as children and the passion for resolving the repetitive cycle of child sexual abuse. 

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian publisher, with more than 8,000 titles published to date. The Perverse Plague is available online through, and

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