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Who destroyed the organic industry?

The victimization of farmers and millions of consumers


LONGWOOD, FL " Is it Organic? ($36.99, paperback, 9781612154626) by Mischa Popoff is a tell-all inside story that surprises readers with the concept that what everyone thinks about organic food is mostly wrong. Popoff reports that the global organic industrial-complex promises everything and delivers nothing; the organic farmers are victims, along with millions of consumers. Is it Organic? explains that being organic is no longer about farming fields. It’s about filling forms. Peoples’ taxes underwrite this marketing subterfuge and help drive a stake into the heart of the most efficient food system ever known. From his own personal accounts, Popoff communicates that on the farms where the food is grown, the idea of reviving the Christian Communion between man and God through the food we eat is well received.

Is it Organic? explains that organic farming began in England as a Christian movement. Organic farmers in the United States and Canada overwhelmingly identify as conservatives, and until 1997 their industry actually had a sound scientific basis, subject to free-market rules with no government interference. When the government became involved, it vaulted organics from hippie movement to multibillion-dollar industry. Even when Christian, conservative politicians were elected, the government avoided all spiritual aspects. Popoff shows in Is it Organic? that organics can get back to basics by producing food using age-old methods like natural composting, or it can be ruled by banality, fraud and eco-politics. As far as government and urban activists are concerned, farmers, the environment and consumers are mere afterthoughts.

Popoff holds a Bachelor's Degree in history from the University of Saskatchewan. He spent five years working across North America as an organic inspector, achieving the rank of Advanced Organic Farm and Process Inspector. After 25 years of organic farming, Popoff can attest that the Christian principles are rarely upheld except by the devoted organic farmer.

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