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Overcoming the destruction of childhood abuse

A journey to develop self-esteem through God’s saving grace


LONGWOOD, FL " In Somebody Called Me Hannah:  An  Overcomer’s Story ($14.99, paperback, 9780615432809), author Iolanda Johnson shares her life story of how growing up in a home filled with emotional, physical and verbal abuse robbed her of her self-esteem little by little. The reader is taken on the journey of depression, co-dependency and promiscuity prompted by the childhood abuse.  Johnson pressed through a pattern of destructive behaviors, as a result of the abuse, to discover that God could heal her as long as she adhered to the laws and principles outlined in the Bible. A testimony of triumph, Somebody Called Me Hannah chronicles a story of the saving grace that comes from finding God and embracing His life plan. 

Many vices such as alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, co-dependency and promiscuity can take hold in one’s life and can be linked back to a lack of the realization of one's self worth more often than not.  Johnson explains that she was able to share intimate details of her life because she has encountered many people who participate in self-destructive behaviors and do not know how they can release themselves from the constant hurt and pain. Somebody Called Me Hannah shows readers that God’s saving grace is the solution.

Iolanda Johnson is an up-and-coming new voice in the kingdom of God and founder of Revelation of Glory Ministries.  This licensed Evangelist Missionary, teacher, author and motivational speaker, received a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Dillard University, a Master’s degree from the University of Phoenix and attended the Greater New Orleans Jurisdiction School of Ministry in the Church of God in Christ. 

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian publisher, with more than 8,000 titles published to date. 

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