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Refusing the expulsion of God

The importance of Christ in public education


LONGWOOD, FL " Today, America’s teachers are trying to handle a multitude of programs designed to fix the crumbling education infrastructure. Author Brian J. Le Fevre explains that the lack of spiritual influence, constant assessments, erroneous mainstreaming, professional development, and an avalanche of paperwork dishearten teachers with the best of intentions. In addition to all of that, the removal of Christ and God in America’s public school system has left children on a shaky spiritual foundation. Le Fevre’s book, Cracked Foundation ($10.99, paperback, 9781613790311), relates that many new programs and laws being forced into public schools seek to replace the solid base that Christ provided in America’s  schools. The teaching profession is strained to the limit and a collaborative focus is needed to restore the field of education to health.

Le Fevre hopes that readers will gain an understanding of how essential Christ is to the education of America’s children. Cracked Foundation reports that legislation currently in place regarding religion, inclusion, and assessments in schools is preventing our education system from succeeding. Readers of Le Fevre’s book will be inspired to mobilize in support of true change in the public education system. According to Cracked Foundation, the love of Christ, being shared with children, is the only solution to save the floundering American public education system.

Brian Le Fevre came to know the forgiving love of the Father at 23 years old, when he began his teaching career. During a worship service, he was alerted to a ?"push from God” to complete a book and did so within a week’s time. Le Fevre recently finished a Master’s of Arts in Educational Leadership and was selected as Teacher of the Year for his school in 2009. He currently resides in Brevard County, Florida. 

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