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Are we lacking God?

A distinctive perspective on changes in today’s society


LONGWOOD, FL " No one can argue that society as a whole is rapidly changing. Superficial Society ($14.99, paperback, 9781612159270) by Maria Brusco Osso and Deanna Blackmon Jones offers a unique perspective to the cause of major societal changes. Osso and Jones confront changes in both the secular and Christian world that have bombarded humanity in a detrimental way. Superficial Society exposes the impact these principles have on society. Readers will gain an understanding and knowledge of the current underlying principles that are diverting society away from true Christianity.


Superficial Society describes the underlying cause that is diverting society away from Judeo-Christian values. How did we get here? Postmodernism emerged in the 1970s with its effort to neutralize trust in the individual, collective reasoning and the removal of as much semblance of Christianity from human affairs that could be accomplished. Today’s attempts are focused at removing all semblances of Christianity’s concepts of morals and ethics. According to Osso and Jones, it is imperative to gain the knowledge of paradigm shifts in society in order to break free from its traps. Superficial Society explains that allowing society to proceed on its current path will result in a society without God or, in other words, a superficial society.


A cumulative time span of over 25 years of career experience has enabled both Maria Brusco Osso and Deanna Blackmon Jones to respond to the changing infrastructure of our global society. Both authors are currently doctoral candidates in Biblical studies at Calvary Christian College and Graduate School in Waldorf, Maryland.


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