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Don’t wait on God – He’s waiting on you

Acting on your beliefs will change your life


LONGWOOD, FL " You are called to greatness! What’s holding you back? Author Robert William Cobb encourages readers of his book Called ($14.99, paperback, 9781612158334) to know God and what He has called them to do. According to Cobb, Called will provoke readers to grow in relationship with the living God, hear and know God’s call upon their lives and act upon God’s calling in complete confidence and boldness. Cobb is certain that Called will bring positive change in the readers’ lives and others around them. Cobb believes that if people agree with what they read and are inspired to act on those beliefs, you will transform your life and bring benefit to everyone around you.


Called incorporates the concept that the truth will set people free. Cobb communicates that each person holds the key to the power of your God given calling. It’s up to that person to do what is necessary to hear from God and act on what He is telling you to do. He has already done His part; it’s not a secret. Everything you need to know is in the Bible and it’s made easy for you to understand in Called. The steps in Called include: read the book, believe what you read, act on your belief, do it and keep doing it until you succeed.

Robert William Cobb gave up his career, retirement, possessions, family, and friends after hearing the call of God. His testimony and teachings are an inspiration to those who don't know what God has called them to do, have heard God's call but have failed to respond or have responded to God’s call and need encouragement to stay the course. Cobb describes himself as an ordinary person who does ordinary things, but when I heard and obeyed God’s call, extraordinary things happened. He urges people to read Called and find out for themselves.


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