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Gaining the strength to walk out on domestic abuse

One woman’s near-fatal experience helps raise awareness


LONGWOOD, FL " In And It Came To Pass… ($12.99, paperback, 9781613792773; $23.99, hardcover, 9781613792780), author Miracle Kaye Hall shares her inspiring story of how she overcame an intensely abusive relationship.  Hall accounts that after numerous vicious attacks, she finally decided it was time to leave, unaware at the time that this decision would almost cost her life. And It Came To Pass… was written to encourage women in abusive relationships to find the courage to escape. Hall presents herself as proof that it is possible to leave without a fatal tragedy. And It Came To Pass… is also for readers who aren’t experiencing domestic abuse but want to learn how to help someone survive a possible senseless death.


In Hall’s honest and raw story, she attributes God’s Grace and Mercy for allowing her to avoid death. She explains that she experienced first-hand the damage that both emotional and physical abuse has on a victim and how she rose above to become a survivor. Hall believes that domestic abuse awareness does not get enough public exposure and that it’s almost as if this problem is being swept under a rug. And It Came To Pass… presents an opportunity to make more people aware of this growing problem and offers possible solutions.


Throughout the abuse, Hall communicates that she desired help and desperately wanted to leave. However, she didn’t know where to turn. And It Came To Pass… serves as a tool to inform others that these men can’t change without God’s help and enlighten them of a potentially dangerous outcome. This eye-opening and informative personal story details that through experience, you gain the knowledge to warn others and possibly prevent them from falling victim to a similar terrible situation.


Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian publisher, with more than 8,000 titles published to date. And It Came To Pass… is available online through, and

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