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Making bedtime less painful and scary for sick children

Mother offers comfort to frightened and sleepless little ones


LONGWOOD, FL " Based on personal experiences and spiritual inspiration, The Angels' Healing Garden ($14.99, paperback, 9781613790465) is a story intended to offer comfort, healing and peace to children who are sick, scared or hurt, and are having trouble sleeping at bedtime. Author Alison Campbell Swain explains that her book involves Jesus, Mary and guardian angels as loving and reassuring presences. She hopes that imagining a happy time with the angels in the Garden, Jesus and Mary tucking them into bed, and their guardian angels watching over them at home will ease children into a comforted, blessed and peaceful sleep.

Swain explains that when she was a child, and throughout her life, she has had experiences with long-term illnesses and insomnia. Later in life, she had an extensive bout with cancer and extreme insomnia caused by a bad reaction to anesthesia. Swain has developed heart-felt compassion for other people, especially children, going through similar problems.  The Angels' Healing Garden was inspired by these experiences and being a mom to three children:  two of whom inherited her sleeping problems and one of these with the same childhood illnesses. The original story idea, Swain communicates, came from a friend when the author was at her most sick, scared, hurt and sleepless. The friend gave her something lovely and uplifting to think about to help her go to sleep. The Angels' Healing Garden fills a need in comforting and lifting up children going through extraordinary challenges, medical or otherwise, including trouble sleeping.

Swain holds a degree in art history, further training in studio art and has worked painting off and on, both before and after marrying her husband and becoming a stay-at-home mom. Swain describes that combining her painting and her personal and motherly health challenges with her spiritual life has compelled her to write and illustrate this comforting children's bedtime story. Swain hopes that The Angels' Healing Garden will help many kids who are going through tough times.


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