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God: the Composer and Maestro of life’s overture

A fresh approach to hope through musical references


LONGWOOD, FL " Life is like music - every human’s journey is played out like an overture.  In Doreen A. Betts’ innovative book, A Wave of the Baton ($16.99, paperback, 9781613792520), she describes God as the Composer, the Orchestrator and the Maestro of life.  Using a creative musical approach, Betts reveals that He personally conducts your life overture, from melodies to rhythm patterns, to play out according to the score He has written for you. A Wave of the Baton offers a comforting view that through the different stages and times of your life, He has been right there, baton in hand, cueing the additions and deletions of the people who serve as your life’s musicians. This revelation will draw readers closer to God and deepen their faith in Him.   


In A Wave of the Baton, Betts shares her life in a series of short stories filled with joy, optimism, laughter, music and unimaginable grief. Betts will give readers hope during deep times of despair and make them laugh at the methods God uses to get her attention.
Become enlightened and encouraged as you read about how the Maestro has flawlessly conducted the author’s life overture through the many passages and segments.  Readers will come to know that the Maestro is conducting their life overture as well and He does it all with a wave of the baton. Betts presents this concept in a way that makes each person strengthen his or her faith and appreciate the amazing wonders of Almighty God.

According to Doreen A. Betts, the Maestro has been conducting her life overture for over sixty years.  Betts reveals that she has experienced the storms of drums, the sweetest love song ever played by a string section and the single ting of hope from the triangle as God revealed Himself to her.  A band of trumpets announced the revelation of the blessings He bestowed upon her when He identified a purpose for her life.  She believes that these many miracles have caused her life overture to play out as the Great Composer wrote it and orchestrated it. 


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