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Sailing to America: one journey that changed several lives

A couple’s unexpected chance to teach teamwork and courtesy


LONGWOOD, FL " Throughout the world and our lives, there are different people, diverse customs, differing ways of speaking and multiple ways of doing things, according to author Gill E. Fredriksson. His novel, History - Sailing toward Gold ($16.99, paperback, 9781612158129), presents a fresh and modern approach to two longstanding concepts: tolerance and courage. Set in the time of the United States Gold Rush, readers will learn through the story and characters that one may gain experiences they never dreamed of while positively affecting the lives of others along the way. Fredriksson communicates the underlying messages of always trying to learn the facts about someone before judging them or jumping to conclusions; we should all have dreams and be bold enough to follow them. History is an exciting and historically-informative read for teens that will motivate them to follow their dreams in order to make a better life for themselves and others.


History tells the story of Katy and Carl, a couple who boards an old sailing ship headed for the United States in hopes of a better life by profiting from the 1800s Gold Rush. Once aboard the ship, christened History, the pair experience a grand adventure with Lars, First Mate Sanford, supercargo Jim Bone and the stern Captain Keely. Fredriksson describes how Katy and Carl help the sailors on the ship learn better cooperation skills to ultimately achieve their goal of reaching the gold mines.


Throughout their journey, the characters discover the valuable history related to the Gold Rush told to them by a most interesting fellow traveler. Readers will find that during the voyage, Katy and Carl, along with other members of the crew, end up wiser and more mature than when they began. Fredriksson notes that History - Sailing toward Gold is the first in a series about the California Gold Rush and that he thoroughly researched this period in order to write from the heart.


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