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Calvinism vs. Arminianism: a debate on faith and freewill

Solving the age-old dispute by accepting an empowered gospel


LONGWOOD, FL " In Recanting Calvinism ($29.99, paperback, 9781613792025), author Steven L. Hitchcock equates the relationship between Calvinism and Arminianism to two ships passing each other in the night. This is because neither side can understand the other side’s deeply felt conviction regarding what they believe is the most pivotal issue in their debate: how a sinner can or cannot believe in Jesus. In this educational and interesting book, Hitchcock reports that Calvinists assert that men are totally incapable of responding in faith and must first be the recipients of a superintending grace of God. Receiving this grace saves them before they exercise the faith that results in Justification. He then explains that Arminians assert that men possess an ability within themselves to believe in Jesus and that men do have freewill. Recanting Calvinism reveals that the solution to this age-old debate is neither Calvinism nor Arminianism " the solution is Dynamism.


Hitchcock expertly presents supplementary material communicating that faith is essential to salvation and the only way for totally depraved sinners to acquire faith is by means of an empowered gospel - Dynamism. Recanting Calvinism includes an advanced biblical understanding of numerous concepts including what the gospel is in which faith is emphasized.  Ultimately, Hitchcock solves a debate that has divided the church since the time of Augustine. The author brilliantly concludes that evangelicals have known this resolution all along since freewill is shown to be a non-issue in the debate and the power to believe is by means of an empowered gospel.


For almost twenty years, Steven L. Hitchcock was a Calvinist and has been a member of three Reformed Baptist Churches in the States and Australia. Hitchcock has recanted Calvinism and is passionate that Evangelical Calvinists might do the same for a Dynamic Gospel. He is a dual citizen of the U.S.A. and Australia and has a B.A. in Speech Communications (U.S.A.) and a Bachelor of Theology from the Australian College of Theology (An Australian BTh is equivalent to an MDiv in the U.S.A.).


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