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Whom Jesus "Really" Loved

Pangan explores the details about one disciple’s purpose

New Xulon Book Uncovers a Controversial Topic

Pangan explores the details about one disciple’s purpose


MAITLAND, FL— In Gary Pangan’s new book, Whom Jesus Really Loved ($16.99, paperback, 978-1-61379-232-2; $8.49, e-book, 978-1-61379-657-3) the author brings up a relatively controversial topic that has provoked debates through out generations: What was the disciple Judas’ true purpose as it related to Jesus? The author explains a different perspective on the topic, in hope to make readers aware of the results gained by years of research.

“This book is one of the most provocative voice of truth for this generation. The only book endowed to reveal the real Jesus, our Christ and Messiah. The side of Jesus that very few Christians have ever explored or known. These are the final days as Jesus reveals the unseen,” says Pangan. “The world we live in needs to know Jesus, for who He truly is, and not for whose denomination or religion He belongs to. Both Christians and non- Christians need to understand that Jesus is not only for a selected group of people, but for all who have sinned and fallen short of God.”

Gary Pangan expresses that he has spent hundreds of hours of research and studies to prove this astronomical claim as it has never been revealed before. The way it will apply to his readers’ daily lives will be impactful. All studies are Biblically based according to their original Hebrew and Greek words, according to the author, for authenticity.

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 8,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order Whom Jesus Really Loved through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through,, and


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