Before His Throne

Xulon Press offers a devotional guiding readers through daily prayer.

Readers Can Find Encouragement and Instruction in a Year of Prayer

Xulon Press offers a devotional guiding readers through daily prayer.


Author Nita Schnitzer shares a collection of prayers in Before His Throne: 365 Days of Inspirational Prayers, Bringing You Closer to God ($20.99, paperback, 9781545675373; $31.99, hardback, 9781545675380; $9.99, e-book, 9781545675397).  She hopes that, through these prayers, her readers will grow closer to God and learn to pray themselves.


Schnitzer thrives on praying for others, and often wrote prayers for friends and family.  At their urging, she decided to publish them for a wider audience.


“I am not the same person I was 3 years ago, much less 30, for every time I enter into the holiest place, it’s life changing. I want my readers to join in this incredible, life-changing journey alongside of me in His throne room,” said Schnitzer.


Nita Schnitzer is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, spiritual director, and chaplain. She was born in Houston, Texas and has two adult children and two grandchildren. From 1996–2016, she owned and operated a Christian preschool as a ministry to her staff and families. Her passion was to teach them about Jesus and minister to their educational, financial, emotional, and spiritual needs.





Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 15,000 titles published to date. Before His Throne is available online through,, and


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