La Misoginia

Xulon Press offers a historical and theological analysis on the subject of misogyny.

Women Have Struggled for Respect from the Beginning of Human History. Why?

Xulon Press offers a historical and theological analysis on the subject of misogyny.


Author and theologian Dr. Prince Parker examines the history and effects of misogyny in La misoginia: su impacto y fruto, y la obra de Cristo para eliminarla [Misogyny: It’s Impact and Fruits, and the Work of Christ to Eliminate It] ($11.49, paperback, 9781545622629; $5.99, e-book, 9781545625982).  Parker believes that Christ defeated prejudice against women through His sacrifice, and hopes the Church will follow His example.


In this Spanish manuscript, Parker follows misogyny from Creation through various historical and cultural contexts, and relates it to Christianity in the present day.


“The study concludes with a refreshing and hopeful proclamation: that the work on Jesus Christ through his life, death and resurrection gives us the power to break free of the chains of misogyny by offering a new way to find the harmony that Christ came to restore in the relationship between man and woman,” said Parker.


Dr. Prince Maurice Parker holds a doctorate in theology and has served for years on the faculty of theology for the Assemblies of God of Spain, as well as other educational institutions.  He specializes in the Old Testament and Exegesis. He is also the author of: Las siete maneras en que el hombre murio [The Seven Ways that Man Died], ¿Es “Nuestro” Evangelio “El” Evangelio? [Is “Our” Gospel “The” Gospel?], and Juan Marcos [John Mark].




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