In China Soup

Xulon Press author's message inspires travelers to immerse themselves in another culture.

Traveling to China: Life Lessons and Multicultural Education

Xulon Press author's message inspires travelers to immerse themselves in another culture.


Ian Gemmill’s book In China Soup ($15.49, paperback, 9781545680254; $7.99, e-book, 9781545680261), is available for purchase.


In China Soup is about the extended journey to China. Two mature sojourners from two different continents, Africa and New Zealand, travelled there to teach because they were intrigued with the emergence of China on the world’s center stage following years of relative isolation. Because of their own backgrounds, their world views were not the same, but now they were living in a domain foreign to both of them. Each wanted to be enriched by their experiences in China, but their worlds would collide. Sometimes Chinese world views would clash with theirs and sometimes they would resonate. They often compared notes. Both returned from their years in China significantly changed, one in a positive way, the other negative, possibly tragic.


Ian Gemmill is a descendant of gold prospectors who followed the nineteenth century Gold Rush to California, Australia and ultimately New Zealand to finally settle on the South Island’s West Coast. He trained at Canterbury University Engineering School at Ilam and practiced as a civil engineer and oil industry engineer for thirty years before retraining as a secondary school teacher. After his teaching initiation in Wellington he extended his teaching experience to England and China. He continues to teach today but considers himself semi-retired.


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