Our Story

Xulon Press presents the story of two people fighting one disease.

One Man Helps His Wife Navigate the Waters of Treatment for a Fatal Illness

Xulon Press presents the story of two people fighting one disease.


Author Mark D. Downes shares encouragement and wisdom for those dealing with fatal disease in Our Story ($19.49, paperback, 9781498498173; $34.99, dust jacket, 9781498499705; $9.99, e-book, 9781498498180).  He believes that marriage is “in sickness and in health,” and that couples should remain steadfast when faced with hardship.


After his wife’s devastating diagnosis, Downes remained by her side while they searched for alternative treatments.  Despite the government’s intrusion into her healthcare, they continue to enlist the help of those educated in alternative medicine as they explore treatment options. 


“My central message in this book is that God designed marriage to be a lifetime commitment and we need to honor that. In today’s world it is too easy to bail out, especially when your spouse has a fatal disease. I honored the commitment I made to God, ‘till death do us part,’” said Downes.




Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 15,000 titles published to date. Our Story is available online through xulonpress.com/bookstore, amazon.com, and barnesandnoble.com.


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