Meet Me On The Battlefield

A.S.E. presents a memoir declaring that both God and Satan are real.

Recording/Performing Artist Shares Her Story, Which is So Much More Than the Rise to Fame

A.S.E. presents a memoir declaring that both God and Satan are real.


Author A.S.E. introduces the first book in her memoir series, Meet Me on the Battlefield ($20.99, paperback, 9781631296031; $9.99, e-book, 9781631296048).


First runner up on the Farewell Season of “American Idol” and recording/performing artist, A.S.E., formerly known as La'Porsha Renae, has scribed a 7-book memoir series that journeys far beneath her surface.  Book 2, Trained on the Battlefield, is coming soon.


While many would say they believe in spiritual warfare, A.S.E. is convinced that most do not understand what it actually looks like. She candidly shows readers this reality through her own story.


“Meeting so many different, hurting people during my rise to fame, I began to recognize the common denominator of our shared pain. The enemy had hidden himself well inside the lives of others, and they couldn't defeat him from lack of knowledge about him and his way. My writings aim to give the reader a candid picture of how both the adversary and The Almighty are at work in our lives,”

said A.S.E.


Book #1 is set in the deep waters of her childhood. From the choppy waves of her southern experiences as a young child through the dark, complex caves and trenches of her teenage years, A.S.E. invites you on a deep-dive into her unique beginnings. Her story is no fairytale, but you will never be the same after embarking upon this voyage. Narrated by her older and wiser being, 


A.S.E. summons YOU to her BATTLEFIELD.




Meet Me on the Battlefield

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