Jesus Christ Revealed

Xulon Press presents Jesus Christ 101.

You Know About Jesus Christ as Spoken of in the Bible, But Do You Know Him?

Xulon Press presents Jesus Christ 101.


Author Paul Richard West seeks to guide readers along their path with Jesus in Jesus Christ Revealed on the Road to Emmaus ($13.49, paperback, 9781631296635; $6.99, e-book, 9781631296642).


West hopes this study manual will strengthen believers’ faith by helping them get to know Jesus better.  Many have taught about Jesus, but also suggest that their students seek a personal revelation regarding who He is.  West offers the information needed for readers to embark on this journey.


“This book is written for anyone who is inquisitive about learning more about Jesus. His place in the Kingdom of God, His redemptive sacrifice for mankind, and His return are examined in detail. Readers will be given a better understanding of our Savior,” said West.


Dr. Paul Richard West is a retired teacher, former engineer and ordained minister with more than 40 years of ministry experience. He has served as pastor, associate pastor, cell or life group leader, marriage class leader, and ministry group leader. He and his wife, Bonnie, share two daughters and eight grandchildren.   He has served at the Name of Jesus Christian Ministries in East Syracuse, NY and Community Covenant Church, SC.  He currently attends the Church of the King in Queensbury.




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