How to Save our Planet

Xulon Press presents food for thought for anyone interested in the environment.

Humans Are In a Unique Position to Protect Our Planet; Let's Do It Right

Xulon Press presents food for thought for anyone interested in the environment.


Author E. Roberts Alley offers a practical plan for climate change in How to Save our Planet ( $24.99, paperback, 9781631293504; $9.99, e-book, 9781631293511).


“Going green” may be a popular catchphrase, but how many of our sustainability efforts really make a difference in the environment?  Are there other changes we should be making in order to protect the world in which we live?  Alley uses scientific data to answer these questions, and asks concerned citizens to lead with their heads, not their emotions.  He also addresses God’s role in our planet’s creation and preservation.


“Within these pages, we explore specific recommendations that we, as individuals, or employees of industries, businesses, and governments, can use to collectively make a major difference in environmental and natural resource sustainability,” said Alley.


E. Roberts Alley is a registered Professional Engineer and scientist by education, and has practiced and taught environmental engineering for 59 years. He holds BE and MS degrees from Vanderbilt University and was an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering at Vanderbilt.  Alley has taught post graduate environmental courses at a variety of respected institutions over the past 40 years and has served in a myriad of positions for the church.  He has four wonderful children, and has been blessed with eleven grandchildren and memories of Marion, his wife who passed in 2012.




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