Depression But Love

Xulon Press presents tools to combat depression.

Countless Individuals Battle Depression, But There Is Hope

Xulon Press presents tools to combat depression.


Author Daniela Larco Pair shares encouragement and hope for those suffering from depression in Depression But Love: A Christ-Centered Guidebook to Overcoming Depression through the Love of God ($12.49, paperback, 9781662809781; $5.99, e-book, 9781662809798).


After witnessing the devastating effect depression has on people around the world, Larco Pair decided that she could not sit idly by.  She took the initiative to study depression and its effects, love languages, and the hope that could be found in the love of Christ.  She shares the results of this research along with personal interviews from depression sufferers.


I have been around people struggling with depression most of my adult life. I always knew that there is healing in the love of God. It was at my friend's funeral who committed suicide that I finally decided to write a book to help others,” said Larco Pair.


Daniela Larco Pair is a hardworking professional, wife, and mother of two amazing children. Born in Ecuador and raised by very loving parents, Daniela moved to the United States in her twenties, which is where she found Jesus.  After Daniela experienced the pain of losing three friends to suicide, she was led by the Holy Spirit to endure five years of research—ultimately writing this book, by faith, in hopes of saving lives from depression.




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