Papa, Tell Me Another Story

Xulon Press presents true stories for adults and young readers.

Our Childhood Experiences Help Make Us Who We Are And Provide Some Laughs, Too!

Xulon Press presents true stories for adults and young readers.


Author Yankee Arnold shares humorous and formative stories from his childhood in Papa, Tell Me Another Story ($12.49, paperback, 9781662815171; $5.99, e-book, 9781662815188).


Over the years, Arnold has delighted listeners with his delightful storytelling skills.  Now he has compiled a collection of his best anecdotes from childhood into a book for families to enjoy together.  Each story follows the topic hinted at in the title, using entertainment to illustrate the point Arnold wants to convey to his readers.


Telling stories to children and adults has been not only a joy of mine, but also a great part of my ministry over the last sixty-plus years. Although all the stories were harmless for children, I would often watch the adults cringe in disbelief when they realized where the story was going. Of course, the children would sit there in total awe as I spun the story and watched as their eyes bugged out and their mouths flung open,” said Arnold.




Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 15,000 titles published to date. Papa, Tell Me Another Story is available online through,, and



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