Got Pizza?

Xulon Press presents a pizza how-to for families.

I Don't Care If It's Italian; Americans Love Their Pizza!

Xulon Press presents a pizza how-to for families.


Father-and-son team Rob and Dallas Johnson inspire families with the endless possibilities of this all-time favorite in Got Pizza? ($14.99, paperback, 9781662814013; $5.99, e-book, 9781662814020).


When your family owns a pizzeria, the food inevitably becomes an integral part of your lives.  In this book, the Johnsons share their years of experience with pizza making to describe the process for children and the adults who love them, and encourage them to make it together!


I have spent years working my way up through the ranks until I eventually bought my own shop at the age of 24. I think of myself as a master of my trade,” said Johnson.


Rob Johnson is a business owner, entrepreneur, author, husband and father of three who followed his passion for the pizza industry and opened a pizzeria in his local town. His son Dallas was so intrigued by the fact that his dad was an author that he asked him if they could write a book together.  Rob is also the author of Abandoned Not Broken.




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