Thoughts and Questions on Philippians

Xulon Press presents a third devotional focused on practical application.

It Is Good To Know The Word, But Eventually You Must Also Live It

Xulon Press presents a third devotional focused on practical application.


Author Aramis Thorn invites readers to interact with one of Paul’s epistles in Thoughts and Questions on Philippians: An application-focused devotional ($16.49, paperback, 9781662819452; $7.99, e-book, 9781662819469).


Thorn continues his series, which began with devotionals on Ephesians and Galatians, with a sentence-by-sentence study on the book of Philippians.  Thorn acknowledges the quantity of devotionals available, but he chooses to focus not on acquiring knowledge, but on applying the knowledge we already have to our daily lives.


“The devotional is designed for adults and teens who desire more than someone else’s opinion when reading the Bible.  It prompts the reader to think through what is written and form personal application,” said Thorn.


Aramis Thorn is a father of four and full-time writer of historical fiction, short stories and practical devotionals.  He holds degrees in Bible and Theology as well as Christian Education and has taught the Bible for three decades. Thorn is the author of The Praetor and Sheetrock on the Road.




Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 15,000 titles published to date. Thoughts and Questions on Philippians is available online through,, and



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