Xulon Press presents a challenging personal journey.

When No One Will Listen, What Do You Do? Recruit More Voices.

Xulon Press presents a challenging personal journey.


Author Tabitha H. Wilson encourages parents and caregivers everywhere to speak up with No Cross-No Crown: A Journey Through Autism, Bullying and Spiritual Warfare ($23.99, paperback, 9781662809323; $35.99, hard cover, 9781662809330; $9.99, e-book, 9781662809347).


Wilson felt that all she did was fight.  She fought a hospital that ignored her autistic son’s reports of physical abuse.  She fought the school system that did not act to protect her daughter from bullies.  She found her workplace when her own sexual assault left her unemployed.  Now she is convinced that inspiring others to stand up and speak out is the only way true change will ever take place.


Autism, bullying, and spiritual warfare are devastating challenges to manage individually. Can you imagine experiencing all three simultaneously in addition to other life complexities? ...The journey itself inspired me to one day tell my story,” said Wilson.


Tabitha H. Wilson is a two-time graduate and former clinical medicine instructor from Howard University, where she received her board certification as a registered dietitian and physician assistant. She obtained a master’s degree from the University of Nebraska specializing in general and cardiothoracic surgery; and practiced in numerous areas of medicine including pediatrics for over twenty years.




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