Xulon Press presents a reminder to pray with ceasing.

How Would Your Prayer Life Change If You Saw It As An Opportunity For Fellowship, Rather Than An Obligation?

Xulon Press presents a reminder to pray with ceasing.


Author Barbara A. Richmond shares to enlighten the purpose and benefits of prayer as well as the effects of prayerlessness in Men Ought Always to Pray: God Wants an Intimate Relationship ($58.99, paperback, 9781662834011; $9.99, e-book, 9781662834028).


Even though He had no sins to confess and knew the Father better than anyone, Jesus spent a good chunk of His earthly life praying.  He encouraged His followers to pray as well, providing them with a model prayer to get them started.  Richmond takes His example and other Biblical teachings and helps readers see the true purpose behind prayer and how to achieve the sweet fellowship God offers.


Prayer is the most earnest way we exemplify our love to God. During prayer, we are most conscious of God’s presence, and this is the time that we can give all of our being to Him,” said Richmond.


Dr. Barbara A. Richmond is a highly educated, anointed woman of God who loves to pray.  She is an ordained minister, pastor and evangelist with a Ph.D. in Human Behavior, a Master’s in Psychology and a Certificate in Biblical Studies.




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