Margaret Anne

Xulon Press presents an original work of historical fiction.

An Uncertain Beginning in an Uncertain Time Leads to an Extraordinary Life

Xulon Press presents an original work of historical fiction.


Author Ronan James Cassidy delights readers with the tale of Margaret Anne: Child of the West Wind ($31.99, paperback, 9781662849237; $9.99, e-book, 9781662849244).


In the turbulent years preceding the American Civil War, a child was born to a Haitian immigrant and the patriarch of the influential Calhoun family.  The story of her life reflects the societal and spiritual battles raging in a country fighting to establish both its identity as a nation and its identity under God.


My target audiences are avid readers who are searching for something deeper and enjoy characters with rich detail and renderings which deliver a flair for communicating the artistry and emotional conflict of given situational circumstances,said Cassidy.


Ronan James Cassidy is a classically trained author who has spent time living in various regions throughout the United States. He earned an undergraduate degree in English and a Master’s in Finance and spent decades in the field of commercial finance. His primary field of interest is colonial literature from the Americas, Ireland, Africa, and India.




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