Christ the Master Teacher

Xulon Press presents lessons learned from the greatest Teacher who ever lived.

All the Research of the Ages Cannot Compete with the Wisdom of the Creator

Xulon Press presents lessons learned from the greatest Teacher who ever lived.


Author Corynne Damm illustrates the strategies of Christ the Master Teacher: The Purpose and Lessons of His Earthly Ministry ($12.49, paperback, 9781662868634; $20.99, hardcover, 9781662868641; $5.99, e-book, 9781662868658).


While man believes he continues to grow in knowledge, his Creator will always be one step ahead.  Damm shows how Jesus used so-called modern teaching techniques during His earthly ministry, and discusses the research and application of His methods in both spiritual and secular professions today.


Throughout His life, Christ demonstrated an exemplary teaching model for the modern educator and Christian. This book will be an encouragement and inspiration for readers from all walks of life to consider and apply the truths found within this wonderful life of the Master Teacher,said Damm.


Corynne Damm hails from the beautiful state of Virginia. Having grown up in a family where both parents served in the military, she was privileged to travel the world from a young age. She relishes reading, exploring picturesque locations, and writing historical fiction. As a full-time educator, she fulfills her greatest passion of teaching children. Finishing her master's degree in Christian education challenged her to consider the true Master Teacher—Jesus Christ.




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