Xulon Press presents a call to service.

The Life of a Believer Should Always Include an Element of Service

Xulon Press presents a call to service.


Author Alison Marcellus reminds believers of the basics of service in The Heart of Servanthood: The Purpose of Mankind is Found in Servanthood ($14.49, paperback, 9781662869228; $6.99, e-book, 9781662869242).


Service to others is certainly a biblical concept, but it has many everyday parallels with which readers can relate.  Marcellus reminds them that, in many jobs, the quickest route to promotion is to provide great service.  In the book, she provides relatable examples of servitude, and explains the responsibility of believers to maintain their “saltiness” of servanthood.


Nothing God creates does not have a purpose to serve,said Marcellus.


Alison Marcellus is an ordained minister, author and preacher who preaches the Word of God with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.  A native of Nassau, Bahamas following her parents’ strong example of godly service, she is also a current student at the University of the Supernatural Ministry in Miami, FL.




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